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A One-Of-A-Kind, Customizable LLM For All Things Absence Related


What is Absence GPT?

AbsenceGPT is a private LLM (Large Language Model) that is pre-trained on absence laws. This includes absence laws that are citywide, county based, and on a state and federal level. Our LLM is integrated with features such as a LMS (Learning Management System), a Q/A (question and answer) system, as well as a text document generator. AbsenceGPT is customizable and fine-tuned to your business and corporate needs, whether it’s for employers and employees, HR representatives, claim examiners, and employee/customer service agents.


Innovative Products for Absence Laws and Policies

Absence GPT

AbsenceGPT has the ability to answer your questions regarding and relating to Absence Laws and Policies based on its pre-trained knowledge our LLM provides. Our model has the ability to provide content on leave policies that is AI-based on user prompts. (For example, AbsenceGPT has the ability to generate information on various types of absence laws or work/state policies that you can download or save for your reference).

Absence LMS

Absence GPT provides a LMS that assists your employees/agents/representatives on being up-to-date on their knowledge of Absence Laws and Policies. Our private LLM is automated to be trained on current policies and laws per updates to stay on all things regarding and relating to Absence. LMS provides pre-build lessons for Federal, State laws and allow to upload your company leave policies documents. It provides Assessment Test, Interactive Video Quizzes, and Survey on employee training documents. Absence GPT provides user-friendly, pre-configured dashboards and reporting for a summarized view of system utilization.

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